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All these graphics was carried out with
COREL Photo-Paint© and Blade Pro©

Terms of Use 

        The graphics that I offer here are free for personal and not  comercial use. The only thing that I request you in change is that you place a link toward this place in the page that contains my images, either that you use one, two, or all the graphics of the set, together with the small banner provided in every Set.

Please, don't alter the graphics by no means. If you are  a graphic collector, please don't include anyone of my sets in your catalogs for the public use.
        Please, don't make links directly to these sets. Save them in your hard disk making, as sure you already know, a right click on them, or choosing (when you see this enabled option) to download the whole Set in a .zip file . Once you have used them in your pages, upload them to your server from your PC.
For protect my work of the sackers and stealers without prejudices neither respect (and that is the keyword), is necessary that you enter the password for access to my graphics. I am sure that you will understand.

Thank you very much.

Copyright Information

All the contained graphics in this place, except for explanation in contrary, are of my absolute property and production.
All the rights reserved .
Fabiana Kofman©  Copyright April 2000.


These graphics should not be used in places that promote
the pornography,  the discrimination and/or the racism,
or that  attempt against the good customs
and the decency in any form.
Thank you for your collaboration

Fabiana Kofman, Abril 2000


Special graphics For Commission
Web Sites Design

If you want a design in particular
for your personal or commercial site,
you can connect with "El Lirio" by E-mail,
requesting the budget and costs of your project.
You will be able to opt for the modality
"Reserved Copyrigh" or "Delegated Copyright."
I will respond at soon any question that you want to do. 

Please enter the password


The Set used in this page: "Glory ", is for my personal use.
Please, don't take it.